Twin Family Project (TFP)
The Twin Family Project (TFP) is a unique project designed by Family Focus International to link families together in helping deal with common problems that confront the Family. Modeled along the Twin City idea, the Twin Family model seeks to deal with the problems of family units by using well placed and wealthy families to support less privileged families in our society.
The underpinning principle being that families best understand the challenges they face and would therefore be better placed to help restore hope to hopeless families. The good thing about the family is that it transcends all boundaries and religions, as such the unique experiences families from different religions and cultural backgrounds could be brought to bare in sharing experiences.
Unlike the Twin City project where the focus is on the local authorities and for that matter quiet distant from the basic unit of society, the Family, the Twin Family Project seeks to direct all attention to the family. This way the rich diversity that characterized the family globally would be brought to bear.
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